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Vantage Partners works with organizations to create and deliver highly interactive, experiential learning strategies that translate into real, measurable business results and are aimed at developing employees’ abilities in the most fundamental and critical areas of business relationship management.
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Enterprise Learning

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We invite you to learn more about our thinking, research findings  and client work.   
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A staff of instructors and consultants with deep subject matter expertise, as well as expertise in business, adult learning, and facilitation.
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Getting to YES with Procurement...Without Giving In

Introducing our new customized training solution for sales professionals.

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Recent Publications

  • Getting to Yes with Procurement: Advice for Sales Professionals


    Getting into procurement's shoes and developing skills in negotiating with them are essential competencies for every sales professional working in the current environment. In this article, we address some of the key challenges sales people face most often when working with procurement, followed by some advice based on over 20 years of consulting to both sales and procurement organizations.

  • Building Influence Competencies to Drive Improved Business Results


    Influence is the way things get done in a matrixed organization. Leaders need to make sure that the approach to influence their people employ is one that will lead to creative solutions, wise trade-offs, positive working relationships amongst colleagues, and an organizational capacity for learning and innovation.

  • Making the Most of Conflict


    Conflict presents both opportunities as well as costs. The challenge is how to navigate conflict more effectively so that we experience more of the upside of conflict and less of the downside.

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